The Club

Ryedale sports club was formed in 1959 by Alan Pickup (1936-1994) this was original called Ryedale Cricket Club. in 1964 a giant step forward was taken when the club purchased a 5 acre ground on Thornton road for £750 after years of fundraising done by the 9 commit members and club members. The club grew moment over the next few years raising money from all area such as charging for parking at the traction engine rally.

Over the years the club grew larger with table tennis, tennis, hockey and football all becoming played at the sports club. In 1972 it was the first year the senior football was played at the club and was played in the Beckett League, finishing bottom of the table.

Over the last decade the football section first team has being playing in the Scarborough leagues reaching the 1st division after leaving the Beckett league as champions and looking for a new challenge but still having a 2nd team in the Beckett league which was lead by Shaun Hornby to a 2nd division title.

harbor cup
achives 7

Over the past 5 years the 1st team was folded out of the Scarborough league and back in to the Beckett League Division 2. In the first season lead by Robert Stead they won the League, Division 2 cup and the Marisa Cup. The management changed twice over the next two following seasons resulting in the club folding out of the league in 2017-18.

marisa cup
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Rob Wilkinson and John Ellis were determined to keep this great Football Club going and have started the football section up again. The football section is now being called Ryedale FC and in managed by John Ellis. John is greatly support by a team of Lee Allardice Assistant Manager/Secretory/coach, Josh Barnes Club Captain/Coach, Chris Rhodes Vice Captain and Rob Wilkinson Chairman of the Club. The Club has now set on a mission to bring young lads through the team will plans of bringing trophies back to the football club once again in the near future, and adding to it’s already great history.

Ryedale To The End, Up The Dale!